2020 ReNew Mexico Voter Guide

.This year marks the first official launch of our 2020 ReNew Mexico Voter Guide.

With clean, renewable energy making groundbreaking headway in our state, it’s important that voters can make informed decisions and understand some of the most pressing issues of our times, including climate change and the economic impact of renewable energy project development. For this reason, we created the following Voter Guide to help educate voters and all state residents.

Down below we are including all candidates’ responses to pressing questions regarding our state’s future economic development and job market in the renewable energy industry, the need for energy infrastructure, opposing potential taxes on energy generated from renewable sources.

We ask that you take these answers into consideration when evaluating candidates in the upcoming election as well as public officials and public policy decisions in the years to come.


Elected Official and Candidates’ Responses to Pressing Questions:

Our History

ReNew Mexico was a formed in 2019 by a group of passionate renewable energy advocates and industry experts that were tired of just talking about solutions to climate change—they wanted to see more urgency behind renewable energy development and more community support to make projects a reality.