Western Spirit – Projects to Keep Supporting

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While most everything has been put on hold due to COVID (and we hope you’re staying safe!),  it’s good to keep in mind that most renewable energy projects are still in progress, and they need your support!  

The Western Spirit Transmission Line, for example, is a proposed 150-mile long project that, if approved, will bring wind energy from wind projects in Central New Mexico to the rest of the grid. The transmission line – a $150 million capital investment – will primarily go through Torrance, Socorro, and Valencia Counties and once completed will be owned by the New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority (RETA) and used by the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM). 

As the second sunniest and twelfth windiest state in the country, New Mexico has a vast untapped resource in the form of world class renewable sources that could push us to be a national leader in clean, renewable energy. Aside from the host of environmental benefits that will result from the 1000 megawatts that will be generated by renewables, the economy is also projected to receive a considerable boost from Western Spirit. Over $1 billion investments in renewable power projects will be made possible as well as hundreds of jobs in construction, maintenance, and operation of wind farms and transmission lines. 

Our state made a commitment to work towards a sustainable, more resilient future and we owe it to ourselves and future generations to keep working towards this future place of stability even as our present faces unprecedented instability. 

Looking toward future recovery – taking online action!

We know it’s an unprecedented time right now due to COVID-19, and we hope you and yours are staying safe. 

As we navigate this time, though, we hope that you’ll keep fighting (remotely and digitally) to make our communities more resilient in terms of our energy and economic security. That includes continuing to build on the foundation we began setting years ago with transitioning to renewable energy. One project that can help our communities in all these respects is the Western Spirit Transmission Line. This $150 million proposed investment is being developed by Pattern Energy to connect wind projects in Central New Mexico with the rest of the grid. 

When all this passes and we return to a state that resembles a norm, it is crucial that we pick up from where we left off and not in a place hindered by stagnation. 

When advocates like you speak out, we bring people power to the movement for a clean future! You can support this solar project and other projects around the state by signing our petition today. ​



After receiving her bachelor’s in environmental science and biology, Arcelia moved to New Mexico to pursue her passion for working with communities to move towards a cleaner environment. Since moving, she has advocated for statewide renewable standards as well as local efficiency measures. She hopes to see our state take advantage of our abundant renewable resources and lead the nation in a more secure and resilient future. During her free time, she enjoys coffee, crocheting, and adding chile to all her meals.


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