Where’s the Largest Wind Project in the State?

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Project Profile: Oso Grande Wind Project

Project Timeline:  Under construction; completed by end of 2020.

When I was a kid, I constantly drove through Roswell and southeastern New Mexico on my way to see family in Texas. I always associated the area with oil and gas fields and alien statues. But then, one day, I noticed more and more wind turbines lining my drive. Now, the area is a hub for wind projects, and developer EDF Renewables has plans to bring even more turbines to Chavez, Eddy, and Lea Counties through their Oso Grande Wind Project.

The Oso Grande Wind Farm seeks to develop a significant amount of land, around 17 parcels (680 acres). This would be one of the largest renewable energy projects in the state. The project will provide 100 new jobs to the counties and support the transition to renewable energy. This process can help communities that aren’t flourishing as much as Roswell like in Eddy and Lea counties.

This project is under way and will be completed by the end of 2020. So what can you do to help? New Mexico is on our way to being a regional hub for renewable energy production and we need as much economic opportunity provided by renewable energy. In times where oil and gas prices reached below zero dollars and people have the possibility to lose their jobs, we need an energy provider that can help provide further economic resiliency to local communities. Support New Mexico’s growing economy by making our tax revenue and our job market sustainable for our future. 


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Written by Danielle Garcia
Danielle grew up in Bosque Farms, New Mexico in Valencia County. From an early age, she was passionate about working with young girls of color getting involved in leadership roles around science topics. With a lot of support and scholarships, she went to Eckerd College in Florida getting a BA in Geoscience with minors in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. Attending Eckerd College, Danielle was a Co-Founder of a social justice club, Latinos Unidos, the first club to reach Latinos on campus. Over the next free years, she became involved in political and environmental aspects seeing where they intersected. Now back in New Mexico with her cats, she has grown even more passionate about climate change and bringing an equitable system of sustainability to future generations.

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