Empowering New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Future

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Investing in a sustainable future for New Mexico. One
that looks out for New Mexico’s economic stability and properity during these uncertain times, including recovering from a pandemic, while protecting New Mexico’s resources for future generations. 

These are the goals that we can together achieve as New Mexico works to maximize its potential and moves forward as a leader in renewable energy. 

What’s more, long-term economic stability and investment in our communities has never been more critical. Now is the time support the untapped potential of renewable energy development and transmission here in our state, and it will take community-wide support to achieve this. Here is what a few leaders and members of this community throughout the state have to say in support of innovation, economic expansion and a cleaner future for New Mexico. 


Duana Draszkiewicz, Belen, NM.

“My family invested in solar panels about three years ago. We are extremely pleased with the outcome- our electric bill is nominal! Having seen firsthand how helpful this technology has been for my family, I’m very excited to see larger-scale projects built so the rest of our state can enjoy the same benefits!”

Arcelia Isais-Gastelum, Albuquerque, NM.

“Renewable energy has surpassed what any of our initial expectations had been and it’s now completely transforming our lives! So many states are taking steps to commit to 100 percent renewable energy portfolios, and I’m proud to see our state continue leading the way for that future.”

Clara Sims, Los Lunas, NM.

“As a young New Mexican, renewable energy is incredibly important to me. It is an essential aspect of my hope for a more resilient, and prosperous future for our communities. Renewable energy is a solution to climate change and is a key part of my personal faith– it gives me hope in the possibility of a future in which humanity co-exists responsibly with the natural”

Written by: Ben Kelahan

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