About ReNew Mexico

Who We Are

ReNew Mexico is a coalition of community organizations, businesspeople, public officials and residents who are passionate about creating a renewable energy future in New Mexico built on New Mexico values. 

At ReNew Mexico, we don’t just talk about the solutions to our state’s economic, public health and environmental challenges. We actively work to make renewable energy development a reality by using our collective voice to get projects approved, based on our belief that we impact our economic and environmental future most directly and urgently by showing up when it matters most.

Through education, technical assistance and advocacy, ReNew Mexico is answering the call for fact-based information-sharing in local municipalities across the state and the critical role for community-based, people-powered action to meet the economic, employment, consumer and climate demands of today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

ReNew Mexico is driven by the power, potential and proof behind what renewable energy development can deliver to communities in need of innovation, economic expansion and a cleaner future. We use education, technical assistance and advocacy to help New Mexico communities break ground on renewable energy projects that maximize local economic, employment, public health and environmental benefits.

We are committed to utility scale and community-based renewable energy projects that include environmental siting, partnerships that maximize local revenue and job creation and opportunities to add value to projects, like co-locating transmission and high-speed internet infrastructure.

Our History

ReNew Mexico was a formed in 2019 by a group of passionate renewable energy advocates and industry experts that were tired of just talking about solutions to climate change—they wanted to see more urgency behind renewable energy development and more community support to make projects a reality.

A Note from Our Founders

We formed ReNew Mexico after years of working in the renewable energy sector, frustrated by growing misinformation around clean energy projects and dedicated efforts to prevent renewable energy projects from being developed and their benefits delivered to local community economies without delay.

We have been inspired by a critical moment in time where there is great economic, public health and environmental urgency to engage in practical efforts and solutions. The proverbial “straw” came as we watched our country’s fearful youth lead the world in discussions about the impacts of climate change and the challenges they will have to address, that added to what we’ve seen in terms of economic need in communities throughout the country and acutely in New Mexico. We knew then it was time to do something different to affect change now.

Each of us has spent the majority of our careers working to permit renewable energy projects. We’ve seen firsthand that, for many communities around our country, the threat of losing an entire school system, the family farm, and generations of economic opportunity is a constant reality. Those threats motivated us to work tirelessly to help communities use the power of their own voices to push decision-makers to approve renewable energy projects so that everyone could benefit.

We are always proud to drive through communities in which we’ve worked to see turbines spinning and solar cells sun-bathing. But, in truth, we’ve worked in too many communities that never received the positive impact renewable energy can provide. And that’s because, for one reason or another, something stood in development’s way.

We created ReNew Mexico because we feel responsibility to make sure our outreach and advocacy for renewable energy projects actually results in benefit in New Mexico’s communities. And we know that with a strong, diverse, multi-sector coalition of renewable energy allies, every renewable energy project in New Mexico will make it across the finish line.