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Empowering New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Future

Let’s invest in a sustainable future for New Mexico, one that looks out for our economic stability and
prosperity during uncertain times, including recovery from a pandemic, while protecting New Mexico’s resources for future

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“Vive por el sol, ama por la luna”

Having lived in New Mexico all of my life, I now finally understand what my Abuelo meant when he said “live for the sun, love by the moon.”

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Where’s the Largest Wind Project in the State?

The Oso Grande Wind Farm seeks to develop a significant amount of land, around 17 parcels (680 acres). This would be one of the largest renewable energy projects in the state. The project will provide 100 new jobs to the counties and support the transition to renewable energy.

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Torrance County – an Emerging Renewable Energy Leader

New Mexico is becoming a capital of renewable energy, and we need this to continue. Similar projects like La Joya and Clines Corners are only going to help us with a transition to renewable energy grid, and bring a new value to the economy that is now needed more than ever.

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Curry County’s Wind Energy Success

Curry County and the Grady Martin Wind Project are a prime example of how renewable energy projects can not only rebuild a struggling rural community, but expand our state’s clean energy footprint as well.

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Clines Corners – Orion Wind Project

Clines Corners was once a prominent stop on Route 66 on the way into Albuquerque. Many people still use it today traveling along Interstate-40. That iconic sign that everyone associates with was the only form of major economic income in Clines Corners other than commuting to Moriarty or other places. That will hopefully change with a new wind farm.

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