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Clines Corners – Orion Wind Project

Clines Corners was once a prominent stop on Route 66 on the way into Albuquerque. Many people still use it today traveling along Interstate-40. That iconic sign that everyone associates with was the only form of major economic income in Clines Corners other than commuting to Moriarty or other places. That will hopefully change with a new wind farm.

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LISTEN: New Mexico’s Economy & Renewable Energy with Ben Kelahan & Mike Espiritu

7/1 – New Mexico’s Economy & Renewable Energy with Ben Kelahan & Mike Espiritu

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Revitalizing a Mining Community with Solar

This old mining site that has been closed since 1993. For years, it went unused other than being a disposal site for the uranium it once provided. Currently, the mine is undergoing cleaning and disposal efforts. That will all change soon, though. BHP, the owner of the mining site, revealed plans to use this location for another purpose: renewable energy.

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Facebook’s Los Lunas Center and NM’s Need for More Infrastructure

Facebook is leading the way in supporting renewable energy. Their Center will be powered by 100% renewables and will enable the creation of local jobs ranging from electrical jobs to retail jobs in multiple counties including Valencia.

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Western Spirit – Projects to Keep Supporting

While most everything has been put on hold due to COVID (and we hope you’re staying safe!), it’s good to keep in mind that most renewable energy projects are still in progress, and they need your support!

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RENEW MEXICO OP-ED: Crisis underscores need for new industries

Our leaders can protect residents and workers in their communities by advancing the growth of hardy industries — like wind, solar and renewable transmission — industries that will be reliable, limitless income generators and job creators for years to come.

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