Partner Spotlight: The Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce

We are honored to launch this series with an interview with our partner, the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce (SFGCC). SFGCC has been a longtime force for social equity and environmental preservation, growing Santa Fe’s economic prosperity. This past year they have been focused on providing resources for small local businesses and working to implement a water conservation program for restaurants. SFGCC has worked to grow that list of participants for this program and faced difficulties because of concern over new and changing COVID-19 regulations.

RENEW MEXICO OP-ED: Energy infrastructure development can boost recovery

As New Mexico responds to the COVID-19 crisis, it is time to consider economic recovery strategies for our state. There is wide agreement that expanding renewable energy development should be a centerpiece of that discussion, and wind and solar energy developers are ready to step up investment.

Renewable Energy Projects Are Driving Economic Development

You don’t often find a report that summarizes a great trend for New Mexico communities looking for local innovation and resiliency in economic development like this one. It also happens to define what we, ReNew Mexico, are all about. More renewable energy project potential driving the right kind of economic development for all New Mexicans.