“Vive por el sol, ama por la luna”

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“Vive por el sol, ama por la luna,”  was a phrase my Abuelo would say while we worked outside taking care of his horses, sheep, and chickens on his ranch.  As a child growing up day in and out on the ranch, I remember how intense the Los Lunas sun felt while we worked. And today, having lived in New Mexico all of my life, I now finally understand what my Abuelo meant when he said “live for the sun, love by the moon.” 

Turns out, the phrase came from an old folktale about the sun and the moon’s friendship and love. “Sol” is the giver of warmth and support and “Luna” is lonely on long nights. In the myth, the sun gifted Luna with stars to help with Luna’s loneliness. 

This story is especially relevant to me today. The sun has been the center of life–or a “supporter” if you will– for New Mexicans for generations. Historically, we have relied on the sun to tell time and to develop the oldest known ways to heat our homes. And today, I am so proud to see our state move in a direction toward more renewable energy usage through solar generation. 

I was particularly inspired by the recent approval of the San Juan Solar Generation Facility, which is set to be a 100% renewable energy solar and battery storage facility in San Juan County. The project will replace San Juan’s coal generation, and will be a bold blueprint for our state and our country. All over the New Mexico–from Tip Top Solar in Lea County to Meadow Lake Energy Facility to dozens of local solar projects–the Sun supports our communities. These solar projects are, truly, making “vive por el sol”  a reality for everyone!


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Written by Danielle Garcia
Danielle grew up in Bosque Farms, New Mexico in Valencia County. From an early age, she was passionate about working with young girls of color getting involved in leadership roles around science topics. With a lot of support and scholarships, she went to Eckerd College in Florida getting a BA in Geoscience with minors in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. Attending Eckerd College, Danielle was a Co-Founder of a social justice club, Latinos Unidos, the first club to reach Latinos on campus. Over the next free years, she became involved in political and environmental aspects seeing where they intersected. Now back in New Mexico with her cats, she has grown even more passionate about climate change and bringing an equitable system of sustainability to future generations.

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